We are excited to share what our customers have said about our products with you. Below is a basic list of some of the testimonials from our customers who absolutely love our products.


Good Afternoon Rob,

The last time we communicated I mentioned that I would let you know how we felt about the system. We have used it several times over the past few weeks and, I must say, we are impressed.

I have attached photos of our house (front and back), our RV shelter, our shed and our neighbour's house. As you can surmise the RV shelter did not require a lot of work but the rake did help to loosen some of the built-up and crusty snow that had accumulated. Our house is 60 feet in length and today my wife (as seen in the photos) cleaned the front side in 30 minutes. As you can see in some of the photos she is removing snow of about 1 foot in depth. That is moving a slot of snow in a short time. She is hard to impress but is very, very struck by the system.

So, here goes.

The system works great and is easy to use. Once the old crusty snow has been removed it is extremely easy to maintain a clear roof. As opposed to other roof clearing systems I have used this system, with wheels on both the rake and cutter, minimalize contact with the shingles thus reduces potential damage. A great improvement over other systems.

The poles, inserts and equipment heads are much sturdier than other systems I have used, yet light weight. Because of age and physical limitations, my wife and I appreciate the light weight and as consumers, the durability appeals to our appreciation of quality products.

We have spoken to several people and I would not be surprised if you receive more orders from Labrador. In addition, we have been in contact with my wife's sister and her husband in Nova Scotia. He is a roofer who does snow removal in the winter. We have sent them links to your website and photos that we have taken (the attached photos will be sent as well). They may be contacting you as well.

In closing, we are amazed at the ease and speed that our roves can be cleared once the old, crusty snow has been cleared. Next year, having the system from the beginning of snowfall, all clearing will be fast and easy. I am willing to be used as a contact if any potential customer requests information from a user.

If you have any questions or want to contact me for any reason, please do not hesitate.


Terry Meade                                                                                                           

Hi Rob, here is a lillte feedback...

I recieved the Avalanche Snow this morning and I did my job in less than an hour !!! Fast shipping, good quality, works great ! A pleasure to deal with you, I will not hesitate to refer your products.

Thank you very much,


I just purchased the Avalanche snow removal product (20 foot extension; rake w/ wheels). I was hesitant at first, but as soon as I used it tonight, I fell in love!! This product sliced thru the fresh 12+ inches of snow northern NJ just got today. What was I doing on my roof all these past snow storms; putting myself at risk!?!!

I LOVE this product. Can't say enough good things about it. I see my neighbors drive by, point at our roofline & then wave and smile.

THEY have icicles and iced over gutters. NOT me, thanks to your product!

This company should be given a Nobel Peace Prize!

Matthew - Randolph, NJ                                                                                       

This product was very easy to assemble. It is lightweight which is important when reaching up to the roof of your house. It works great for light or heavy snow or fresh fallen snow. Do not try to remove snow that has become frozen (ice like) to the roof as you will damage or break the Avalanche as stated in the manual. It does not get hung up on gutters when removing snow. A great tool to remove snow from your roof and prevent ice dams which can lead to extensive damage."

LM's Wife from Big Falls, MN                                                                               

The hip roof and 5/12 pitch on my house doesn't shed snow readily. The pitch and shape seems to make the snow drift heavily to one side when the winds are high. Very little seems to blow off. At one point in 2010 I had a huge mountain of snow on my roof. I had just bought the Avalanche snow tool and it was the first snow I used it on. With this tool I was able to get most of it off the roof which allowed the remaining snow near the ridge, which I could not reach, to quickly melt. I was amazed that I could get so much snow off the roof. As I expected the tool is sort of cumbersome with such a long fiberglass handle, so it takes some effort to move it. But the job was far easier than I expected. Once you move the device to a point where you want to start removing snow, pushing it up the roof is relatively easy, even when it is as deep as it was on my roof. I bought the one with the larger wheels, which I think helps. I really like this device and I can't imagine anything better to get snow off of a roof safely and quickly


Let me begin by saying...congratulations to your company on hitting the mark for providing a truly effective snow removal roof rake! Blizzard of 2010 allowed us to really put your product to the test. Our first snowstorm for the winter was in December 2009 and we were removing snow from our barn and house roof tops utilizing a shovel, long handled/wide head broon and two worn out bracks. It took 18 hours, but with the Avalanche Roof Rake it only took 6 hours! More importantly with the extended handle, you made it safe. It preveneted Mark (my husband) from having to get on the roof tops. gppd job again for your creative thinking in the block cutting and slide removal design.

Mark & Tammy, VA                                                                                                

Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a great product, it arrived today and we used it tongiht to remove snow from our deck roof, porch roof and house. We already had ice dams from all the snow...we have had almost 4 feet of snow here in western PA. in the last few weeks! Wish we knew about this earlier so we could have preveneted the ice dams...but we are happy to have such a great product and will let our neighbors know how great it works. The workmanship is wonderful..it is made very well. We did not expect delivery so soon and were really happy to receive it so quickly. P.S. My husband had all the fun using it, I got the snow removal from the walkways job after the "Avalanche", ha ha!!

Deborah, PA                                                                                                           

We have had a record breaking snow fall this winter here in Baltimore of over 50 inches just in the past 3 weeks. I was searching for something to get the snow that has been sitting on my roof for over 2 weeks. I do not get alot of quick melting because of the tree cover. After work yesterday I rushed home and used the Avalanche and quickly removed the snow from my roof in less than 20 minutes with little effort. I had so much snow in my driveway I had to get out the snowblower to clear this thick wet snow. As I was using it a few people driving by slowed to see what I was doing. I would recommend this to anyone that needs to remove snow off their roof! Thanks for a great product!

Kevin, MD

My husband has major back problems and has had three back surgeries over the years. He has had to stop doing many things that he has enjoyed with his independence. We were watching Cool Tools and saw thus product and decided to give it a try. WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! This has given him much more independence and he can very easily use this while cleaning off the roof here in Maine. We want to thank the individual who invented this product as we feel that once the word gets out it will be beneficial to many individuals who have limited ability.

Ray & Karen

Got my Avalanche last year about the end of a really bad winter In Cleveland,Forbes Magazine has rated Cleveland as The #1 City in the Country For the worst Average snowfall,as a mailman I witness Customers using snow rakes all kinds of them, so I decided to go on the net and see what was a good product out there,I found Avalanche,so I purchased one just a little to late but said I'll be ready for next winter.And sure enough this Product has been a God Send so far this winter,I got my Aunt to purchase one this year also and now my sister want one.my house roof has stayed pretty clear so far this winter of huge snow piles thanks to the Avalanche,its easy to use and makes pulling snow off the roof kinda fun. I always neglect the garage but now I'm giving the garage attention also. thanks for this great product its well worth the price. YOU GUYS HAVE A WINNER ON YOUR HANDS and i have seen lots of other models but the Avalanche is SUPERIOR!

Charles, OH
What a great invention!!

Used the Avalanche 500 for the first time this afternoon. What a great invention. I'm ordering two more pole pieces so that I can easily reach all the way to the ridge line. The way the snow slides off I think I could do the whole roof in less than an hour. Thanks for this great tool.

Effingham, NH

My father in law had the system and was impressed so I bought my own. I clear the garage onto my driveway. Fun to use but make sure you remove snow promptly from drive or the big pile gets hard and makes it harder to remove snow than from roof. I am 73 and have to do a little dance to get out of the way of the avalanche of snow as it comes down.

Roof Snow Problem Solved!

I am very impressed with your product. I had some 18 inches of snow on the roof, and the weather turned warm, with rain and drizzle to follow, and it was a must to get that snow off now, before the moisture increased the weight of what was up there. I went to my local Ace hardware store and picked up the Avalanche Original. I am female, 5 ft 7, 140 lbs, and knew I could not physically handle a standard roof rake and pull all that heavy snow off. This worked G-R-E-A-T ...and it is fun to use, really. I did both the house and garage in record time, easy for a first time user. I had no problems using it... the neighbors were watching... and I'm sure I will be the talk of the neighborhood this week..... and every time I pull out this new snow toy.

Bonnie, Marquette, MI
I must admit, I was really skeptical when I ran into your web site last Summer, but I ordered one anyway. I had to wait a long time to try it, but now I'm a believer. It is so much easier than dragging snow down with a rake. I doubt if it takes a quarter of the time a rake used to take. It's actually almost fun and I remove a lot bigger area of snow than I used to.

Mike, Marquette, MI
We purchased the Avalanche after hearing Al Malmberg's endorsement on WCCO radio. My husband couldn't believe he actually cleared the whole roof in less than half an hour, and from the ground!! We feel the time saved in the first usage more than paid for this new piece of equipment. Thanks for making the job easy!

Darlene , Eagan, MN
If only you had an Avalanche product for my driveway!

Sue, Syracuse, NY
I purchased the Avalanche in 1980. I'm now in my early 60's and your product is the easiest method for fast snow removal. I simply slide it up my roof and the snow comes down like an Avalanche.

John, Kettering, OH
I actually have fun using it! The old snow rake was literally painful to use. Now the snow slides off the roof like a freight train. Thanks Avalanche

Harlan, Duluth, MN
The Avalanche is the BEST new "outdoor toy" I have purchased in quite some time. With 18" of snow on my roof and ice dams causing water to drip in through the ceiling and light fixture in my home office, I got to work as soon as it arrived. It only took 30 minutes to clear my entire roof. I'm not tall enough, young enough or strong enough to remove snow with a traditional roof rake. This was fun! (As fun as this type of work can be) And it was easy! The Avalanche then made the rounds of my neighbors roofs. I am sure you will be receiving another order from me in the near future for my northern cottage.

Jerry, Green Bay, WI