About Us


For 30 years Avalanche! has been the leading roof snow removal tool of choice because the products are effective, lightweight and take less time and effort to use than any other snow rake product on the market. Avalanche products are your ice dam solution and are designed for the hard to reach areas near roof peaks and high ledges. Avalanche recently re-engineered its products and has produced a NEW 500 series that features an easy snap-on assembly which means NO TOOLS NEEDED!

We are proud to be able offer you a full line of Avalanche roof snow removal tools here on our website. We are centrally located in Edmonton, Alberta and we ship these products throughout Canada and the United States. Winter is one of our busiest seasons of the year. As a professional snow removal company we remove snow for many commercial properties here in Edmonton. We understand the value of getting unwanted snow off roads, parking lots, and property. With the products we sell residential customers can easily get the snow off their roofs. No longer does it have to be hard work or cause roof and home damage.


We are confident in the products we sell and we know you will be too. Our customers keep telling us time and time again at how amazed they are. It is often hard for them to believe how easy our roof snow removal system and tools are. Truly almost anyone can use the tools to start quickly removing snow off their roofs.

You can order our products straight from our website, pay online, and then get the package delivered right to your door.


As you may have already noticed you can buy straight from our website. We are working hand in hand with Canada post for all of our live shipping rates throughout Canada.