Remove Hard to Reach Snow.

Remove Hard to Reach Snow.
Darlene , EaganMN

If only you had an Avalanche product for my driveway!


I recieved the Avalanche Snow this morning and I did my job in less than an hour !!! Fast shipping, good quality, works great ! A pleasure to deal with you, I will not hesitate to refer your products.

Thank you very much,

Deborah, PA

Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a great product, it arrived today and we used it tongiht to remove snow from our deck roof, porch roof and house. We already had ice dams from all the snow...we have had almost 4 feet of snow here in western PA. in the last few weeks! Wish we knew about this earlier so we could have preveneted the ice dams...but we are happy to have such a great product and will let our neighbors know how great it works. The workmanship is wonderful..it is made very well. We did not expect delivery so soon and were really happy to receive it so quickly. P.S. My husband had all the fun using it, I got the snow removal from the walkways job after the "Avalanche", ha ha!!


Used the Avalanche 500 for the first time this afternoon. What a great invention. I'm ordering two more pole pieces so that I can easily reach all the way to the ridge line. The way the snow slides off I think I could do the whole roof in less than an hour. Thanks for this great tool.

Matthew - Randolph, NJ

I just purchased the Avalanche snow removal product (20 foot extension; rake w/ wheels). I was hesitant at first, but as soon as I used it tonight, I fell in love!! This product sliced thru the fresh 12+ inches of snow northern NJ just got today. What was I doing on my roof all these past snow storms; putting myself at risk!?!!

I LOVE this product. Can't say enough good things about it. I see my neighbors drive by, point at our roofline & then wave and smile.

THEY have icicles and iced over gutters. NOT me, thanks to your product!

This company should be given a Nobel Peace Prize!

Kevin, MD

We have had a record breaking snow fall this winter here in Baltimore of over 50 inches just in the past 3 weeks. I was searching for something to get the snow that has been sitting on my roof for over 2 weeks. I do not get alot of quick melting because of the tree cover. After work yesterday I rushed home and used the Avalanche and quickly removed the snow from my roof in less than 20 minutes with little effort. I had so much snow in my driveway I had to get out the snowblower to clear this thick wet snow. As I was using it a few people driving by slowed to see what I was doing. I would recommend this to anyone that needs to remove snow off their roof! Thanks for a great product!


The Avalanche roof rake gives you a fast and safe method for removing snow off of your roof. With its ergonomic design, this tool will put minimal stress on your body and get the job done in minutes compared to a traditional roof rake. The Avalanche is your perfect ice dam solution by keeping the large amounts of snow off your roof that could potentially turn into an ice dam and cause severe damage to your home. Roof snow removal could not be any easier or safer with this snow rake and it's fun too!


1. We are an official dealer of Avalanche Roof Snow Removal Products.

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Learn how we make preventing ice dams extremely simple. Watch our video on stopping ice dams from every occurring.

Ice Dams Ice Dams occur when temperatures drift between 10 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Ice builds up on the edge...

Frequently asked questions

How long of a Roof Rake do I need?

Avalanche recommends removing the first 5′ of snow off your roof, so the 16′ of poles that come with the Avalanche or the 20′ of poles with the Deluxe 20 model should be sufficient. We also have handle extensions for all of our products.

What if I already have ice dams on my roof?

If you already have ice dams, clear off as much snow from behind the ice dam as possible. Professionals recommend at least 4-6 feet. Do not pull at the ice dam with the Avalanche Snow Roof Rake! It is crucial to remove snow as soon as possible to help prevent the dams.

Does the Roof Rake work on a shallow pitch roof?

Yes, the products work for any roof 3/12 pitch or steeper.

Do Avalanche Roof Rakes come with a warranty?

Yes, the limited six-month warranty comes with the product. The warranty does not cover damage or wear caused by misuse, abrasion, corrosion, negligence, accident, faulty assembly, or tampering to damage.

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