How To Prevent Ice Dams

how to prevent ice dams

The Easiest Way To Prevent Ice Dams

1. Keep the snow off your roof!

Ice dams are most likely to occur with heavy snow fall.  To prevent this snow from melting and freezing on the gutters and backing up into your house all you have to do is Avalanche! the snow off your roof with our avalanche snow removal equipment.

How Easy Is It?

We like to say that "it is so simple a snowman could do it!" Watch the video below to see exactly how simple it is.  If you like how easy it is, please order your Avalanche today on our site.  We recommend our Avalanche 1000 package.

 * We are an official Avalanche dealer located in Edmonton, AB.  We ship from Canada to Canada which allows us to get these amazing tools to you at a better price.