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The Avalanche roof rake gives you a fast and safe method for removing snow off of your roof. With its ergonomic design, this tool will put minimal stress on your body and get the job done in minutes compared to a traditional roof rake. The Avalanche is your perfect ice dam solution by keeping the large amounts of snow off your roof that could potentially turn into an ice dam and cause severe damage to your home. Roof snow removal could not be any easier or safer with this snow rake and it's fun too!

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1. We are an official dealer of Avalanche Roof Snow Removal Products.
2. We stock all of our inventory allowing us to give you the best prices possible.
3. We are located in Canada and ship straight from our Edmonton location using Canada Post.
4. We give you live shipping quotes straight from Canada Post themselves.

Roof Rakes and Roof Snow Removal Articles

Roof Snow Removal

Roof Snow Removal

Learn a little more about our roof snow removal products. We are an official dealer in Canada of the Avalanche Roof Snow Removal System, Equipment, and Tools. We love to help people save money by removing their snow off their roofs with the easy to use and quick Avalanche Snow Removal System. You can order from us online and we ship them to you.
Roof Snow Removal

Ice Dams

So what are ice dams and how can the Avalanche Snow Removal System help prevent them? Here is an article that talks about Ice Dams and the benefits of using our snow removal equipment.

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