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A Little About Our Roof Rakes

Your roof is no longer doomed to perennial ice dams, and your back is no longer doomed to hard physical labor. With the Avalanche roof snow removal tool you can stand safely on the ground and use gravity to your advantage. Simply start the Avalanche roof rake from the bottom of your roof, push effortlessly up through the snow, and watch it fall to the ground. The Avalanche is so fun and satisfying to use...it will make your neighbors jealous.


The Avalanche! Story:

For 30 years Avalanche! has been the leading roof snow removal tool of choice because the products are effective, lightweight and take less time and effort to use than any other snow rake product on the market. Avalanche products are your ice dam solution and are designed for the hard to reach areas near roof peaks and high ledges. Avalanche recently re-engineered its products and has produced a NEW 500 series that features an easy snap-on assembly which means NO TOOLS NEEDED!